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About company

The company "Vchasno personal" successfully exists in the labor market since 2015. We offer a wide range of HR services.

We don`t want to give you empty promises! We want to make your business work like a clock!


Outsourcing of temporary staff

is the attraction of additional staff for one-time or long-term jobs (retail, logistics).

Outsourcing of catering staff

is the attraction of staff for entertainment events (concerts, banquets, corporate events, etc.).

Outsourcing of personnel with relocation

is the attraction of additional personnel from all corners of Ukraine for work on the client `s territory.

Outsourcing of secretaries

is a temporary replacement our`s employee for the period of absence of the first one.


The company "Vchasno personal" provides professional services to find your future colleagues..

How we work:

  • The search for your ideal candidate begins from the first day of application submission;
  • Search status information is provided every week;
  • The labor market analyst is provided on the first week of search;
  • The average term of the closure of the application is 1 month.
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Audit of HR-processes

The company "Vchasno personal" can audit hr-processes in your company.

The audit includes:

  • Checking all available personnel documentation for compliance with Ukrainian legislation;
  • Analysis the current state and personnel potential company;
  • Analysis job functions and organizational and personnel structure;
  • Checking the current personnel management and its motivation;
  • Optimization of management and personnel management technology.
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Salary overview

The company "Vchasno personal" can review your staff salary on labor market.

Salary overview will allow you to:

  • Obtain an analysis of the real wages of candidates in the market;
  • To create a compensation package for workers of different categories;
  • Review the system of motivation of your employees.
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Trainings (organization and conducting)

The company "Vchasno personal" can organize training for you and your employees, namely: to select a trainer according to the needs, to choose a training room and a service (catering).

If you are a trainer, we will be glad to assist in the organization of training, namely: search for students and premises for conducting training, we will provide service and information support in any corner of Ukraine.

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